Best and Affordable Insect Killer for your household

Most human diseases are caused by pests and insects that carry harmful pathogens. For instance, humans can contract malaria, dengue and chikungunya due to mosquitoes. While some illnesses could be seen only in separate geographical vectors earlier, somehow travelling and migration have made these contractable. Relax!!! All is not lost. With the more recent electrically […]


Most of us are unaware of the myriad benefits that an electric countertop ovens have to offer. An electric oven generates heat by passing electricity through specialised coils known as heating elements; a gas oven generates heat in its cooking chamber using gas burners that ignite gases such as LPG/PNG. When choosing kitchen appliances, there are […]

Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Fan for your Comfort and Style

You Need to Know Powerful Awesome Tips to Select the Perfect Ceiling Fan

With the heat mounting up in the summer, ceiling fans become imperative. However, choosing the right fan is key to optimal coolness and, of course, reliability and performance. Professionals at KHIND will provide you with the most suitable recommendations for your home, depending upon your budget and location requirements within your premises. Save Money and […]

Extension Cords – Dos and Don’ts

Extension Cords -Dos-and-Donts-Khind-UAE

Electronic appliances or devices with wires that can’t reach any electrical outlets can be powered using extension cords effortlessly. It’s crucial to pick the right extension cord type to maintain electrical safety and avoid house fires. The next time you choose extension cords, remember to abide by these dos and don’ts. Don’ts of Extension Cords […]

MacroAir – Save Money and Energy with a Smart Cooling Solution

MacroAir Fan Cooling Solutions, A Big Heavy Duty Fan in Company Storage room

Invented and fashioned by MacroAir, the HVLS or high volume, low-speed industrial ceiling fan, is a market leader in providing energy-efficient industrial cooling across the world. These huge fans are an engineering marvel and have been developed by constantly pushing the envelope to create better. MacroAir comes with wide blade sweeps spanning 14 to 24 […]

What are the Features of a Good Quality Stand/Pedestal Fan?


A stand fan or pedestal fan is a cost-effective way to beat the summer heat. These deliver efficient air circulation while keeping the place cooler. The fans can either oscillate to circulate air or stay stationary and provide direct airflow around a room. There are a variety of features like auto-shutoff, timers, speed control and […]

HVLS Fans – One of the Best Cooling Solution

HVLS Fans in Dubai

The inventor of HVLS and the best cooling solution your facility needs MacroAir is the pioneer of HVLS fans. In the summer, perceptibly, the fans reduce the temperature by 5 to 15 degrees with a wind-chill effect. And in the winter, the air is de-stratified to create a warm layer across the ceiling, which is […]

Affordable Appliances to Buy this Eid

Affordable Appliances Dubai to Buy this Eid - Khind UAE

As Ramadan festivity draws to an end and with Eid around the corner, there are plenty of ways to show your friends, family and loved ones some love through gifts. Continue the long tradition of giving presents (Eidi/Salami) on Eid al-Fitr and make your celebrations bigger and better. KHIND affordable appliances has a variety of […]

Kitchen Appliances Trends 2022

Kitchen Appliances Trends

With 2022 hurrying into our lives after bidding a speedy farewell to 2021, all families across the Middle East after investing a wholesome of their time at home, did one major thing in common, guess what it is? Home remodelling, in a broad range of opinions collected over, it was pretty apparent that kitchen remodelling […]