Affordable Appliances to Buy this Eid

Affordable Appliances Dubai to Buy this Eid - Khind UAE

As Ramadan festivity draws to an end and with Eid around the corner, there are plenty of ways to show your friends, family and loved ones some love through gifts. Continue the long tradition of giving presents (Eidi/Salami) on Eid al-Fitr and make your celebrations bigger and better. KHIND affordable appliances has a variety of […]

Kitchen Appliances Trends 2022

Kitchen Appliances Trends

With 2022 hurrying into our lives after bidding a speedy farewell to 2021, all families across the Middle East after investing a wholesome of their time at home, did one major thing in common, guess what it is? Home remodelling, in a broad range of opinions collected over, it was pretty apparent that kitchen remodelling […]

Choose Healthy Air Fried Chicken Wings this Ramadan

Healthy Air Fried Chicken Wings this Ramadan

Ramadan is the season of spiritual endeavours encompassing fasting, prayers and Iftar. After sunset, Iftar is a highlight as it involves partaking in healthy and sumptuous food after a whole day of fasting from dawn to evening. If you are health-conscious, you can opt for healthy, oil-free cooking for Iftar. Air fryers are optimal cooking […]

How to clean a Multi-Air Fryer Oven?

Multi-Air Fryer Oven

Be it Chicken wings, fried potatoes, coconut shrimp, steak, cauliflower tots, peanut butter explosion cake… Be it mains, sides, desserts, and snacks were proudly aligned and served on the table. After satisfying the Bon appetite of the ever so welcomed guests and the satisfactory gleaming smiles and warm hugs at departure, it’s not just that […]

Things to know before buying a hair dryer!

Hair Dryer UAE KHIND

Tresses can cause a great deal of stress for all bellas! Soon after drawing inspiration from Meghan Markle’s always-glossy tresses to Bella Hadid’s sultry bob, the consequence is: you start thinking how on earth these celebs manage a blow wave, day or night!!! You may not have their glam squad on speed dial, but thanks […]

Couple’s Guide to Buy Home Appliances in a Budget

Buy Home Appliances in a Budget

It has been reported that more than jingle bells, wedding bells were ringing in the last trimester of 2021, and many singles got into wedlocks! After all wedding rituals and party nights, things should start settling down. And, with settling down, moving onto a new home is part of the plan, ain’t it?  Moving into […]

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan with Confidence

Buy ceiling fans in UAE

Let’s start with a riddle now!When held, I go from side to side.When freestanding, I oscillate.When I am on a ceiling,That’s when you will see me rotate.What am I? Yeah, you guessed it right! It’s none other than our array of metal and wooden-finished ceiling fans. They will spice up your homes in style. Do […]

Upgrade the Kitchen with Budget-Friendly KHIND Appliances!

kitchen appliances UAE -KHIND

There were prehistoric times when cooking was perceived as a cumbersome job, which is now easy peasy with the latest array of kitchen appliances. With “trending” becoming the life purpose of all, cooking enthusiasts are always googling for something new and exciting. But what if KHIND assured you that you could upgrade your kitchen appliances […]

Life is Made Easier with Home Appliances!

Home is where the heart is! We begin and end our days in our homes, and we have a number of daily chores to accomplish too! With busy schedules to meet, we have befriended an array of electrical appliances to make our lives easier! A beautiful home is almost incomplete without the right appliances. Home […]

What are the Cool Benefits of Air Circulators?

Khind Air circulators

The Middle East, undoubtedly one of the hottest regions in the world, has the harshest summers and the people are always on a hunt for the best cooling solutions! With the boom of technology, we have witnessed a great number of solutions to get rid of heat, haven’t we? You may have puzzled yourself with […]