Air Coolers & Moving Collection - Khind Middle East Dubai

KHIND’s tower air coolers are fantastic devices that minimize the adversity of high temperatures in several ways. Operating on the direct evaporative principle, users can choose between the desert, tower or personal cooler.

Fresh air is obtained from the outside and converted into cool air to produce a better drop in temperature upto 8 degree Celsius. These devices are equipped with castor wheels for better mobility, making them portable. Whatever your dΓ©cor, the air coolers blend in effortlessly as they are aesthetically pleasing. The coolers are low in operative costs and save up to 90% on your energy bills against chillers or air conditioning providing a well-designed cooling solution.

Besides, these highly efficient device also works with the doors and windows open, making it ideal for outdoor usage as well. Air cooler cause no health hazards as layers of moisture are added to the cool air, thus humidifying the air and making it more pleasant for the respiratory system along with Activated Cation for odourless and fresh cooling. Air cooler occupying less space are perfect if you are renting a room.

Khind Air Coolers cover all the needs of the customers, the range of the air cooler include Air Cooler Frosty 3D, Air Cooler Glacier 3D, and etc..

When every day brings up a new challenge, what do you do? You innovate. At Khind Middle East Electronics, all our efforts are concentrated on providing you the best of technology and design, rolled into one. Apply this concept to the range of Khind air cooler & moving and you will get what your heart has always longed for.

We present a range of premium air coolers that have been built keeping in mind the needs of the Middle East as a predominantly hot country.