A stand fan or pedestal fan is a cost-effective way to beat the summer heat. These deliver efficient air circulation while keeping the place cooler. The fans can either oscillate to circulate air or stay stationary and provide direct airflow around a room. There are a variety of features like auto-shutoff, timers, speed control and other modern features that you can control with a remote.

Use this guide to look into the features and criteria that make a good quality stand fan when you are looking for one:-

Air Delivery

Pedestal fans are famous for their powerful air delivery and high CMM or Cubic Metre Per Minute air supply. The fan blows out a strong breeze as it moves a lot of air out per minute. If you are looking for a good quality fan, then choose one with a range between 50 and 100 CMM.

Energy Savings

It is natural for anyone to look for energy savings due to the rising cost of electricity. Get a fan that contributes to savings so that you do not have to pay steep prices on your bills. Combined with AC your electricity bill can reduce up to 71%*


To deliver the most appropriate cooling, fans rotate at different speeds. The speed is measured in RPM or Rotations Per Minute, the faster the fan spins, the more air exchange is done. For indoor use, choose a fan with RPM between 1200 to 1800.


One of the most important aspects that determine the reliability of the stand fan is the material used for its construction. Portability is achieved with plastic which has different quality like PP, ABS, AS, etc., while metals render the fan durable and strong. Before making a purchase, consider the number of hours of use and maintenance requirements.

KHIND’s Stand/Pedestal Fans

With a solid build quality and powerful air delivery, you can use KHIND’s stand fans both indoors and outdoors due to their high performance, efficiency and durability. It has the capacity to withstand harsh environments and comes highly recommended with a quality assurance of a world brand from Malaysia.

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